(This page concerns the English indie band. For the House music artist of the same name, see Bleach(2)).

Bleach were an indie rock band from Ipswich, England, usually considered part of the shoegazing genre. The band was formed in 1989 by brothers Neil and Nick Singleton (guitar and bass, respectively) together with drummer Steve Scott and vocalist Salli Carson. Their first release was the Eclipse EP in 1990, followed in 1991 by the Snag EP. The tracks from these two EPs were collected on an album in 1991. 1992 saw the release of the full-length album Killing Time, and the single "Shotgun", a surprising mixture of shoegazing and rap. In 1993 the band released two separate mini-albums, Hard and Fast. The group disbanded shortly thereafter.

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Peel first heard the band through the Way Cool Record label and supported the group when they did two sessions for his show in the early 90's. The group were based in East Anglia, a place where Peel lived and supported many artists.


1. Recorded: 1990-11-20. Broadcast: 02 December 1990. Repeated: 02 March 1991

  • Fall / Wipe It Away / Seeing / Dipping / Jingle

2. Recorded: 1991-06-04. Broadcast: 21 July 1991. Repeated: 29 September 1991, 29 December 1991

  • Decadance / Friends / Surround / Headless

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Wipe it Away by Bleach

Wipe it Away by Bleach

BLEACH - Shotgun

BLEACH - Shotgun


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