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Steve W Steve W 19 August 2020

Wanted Session Artists A-Z

Further to my previous Forum/Discussion thread on "wanted session artists" pages, discontinued as it's difficult to easily check the still wanted pages without "empty" red links after recent site changes, wanted to post a list showing the current state of play. Blue links show pages that are already up, red ones that they are still wanted.

I'm slowly working my way through (in rough alphabetical order), with wanted session artists defined as those who did three or more sessions but still have no page on this site. Three seemed like a good cutoff point to me, suggesting Peel had above interest in the artist.

All help is much appreciated, including on new pages for the "Links To Peel" section. When creating new pages, help with session details…

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MemberD MemberD 19 October 2017

R1 Vintage

Started writing a page for Radio 1 Vintage: general introduction, links to Peel, ---->

MemberD (talk) 07:51, October 19, 2017 (UTC)

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MemberD MemberD 19 May 2017


Greetings chums. Well after creating over 50 new pages, including 49 artists and a few others, I'll have to give it a bit of a break now to concentarte on other things (I work freelance). I will be checking in and no doubt contributing here and there occasionally, but thanks in the meantime to those who have helped me over the last few months or so with suggestions, corrections, tweakings etc.

Keep it Peel, kids.

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MemberD MemberD 28 February 2017

23 March 1983 (TOTP)

This page seems to be have omitted from the list of Top Of The Pops (Appearances) so would need to be created. I can't watch the BBC Four repeat myself (available here) but the acts/songs featured were as follows:

JoBoxers – “Boxerbeat” (21) 

David Bowie – “Let’s Dance” (5) (video)

Orange Juice – “Rip It Up” (9) 

Leo Sayer – “Orchard Road” (27) (clip from his TV series)

Jonathan King – US chart rundown:

After The Fire – “Der Kommissar” (video clip)

Frida – “I Know There’s Something Going On” (video clip)

Golden Earring – “Twilight Zone” (video clip)

Styx – “Mr Roboto” (video clip)

Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean” (video clip)

Big Country – “Fields Of Fire (400 Miles)” (31) 

Nick Heyward – “Whistle Down The Wind” (26)

Altered Images – “Don’t Talk To Me A…

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MemberD MemberD 28 February 2017


It basically took me the best part of the last two hours to create the page for The Revillos. I'd nearly completed it (as well as two sessions they had several 'other plays' between 1979-1981) but then something happened with the editor and I lost the whole lot! Sh*t! Very disappointing - is there no way I can recover my work? Isn't there a 'sandbox' systme on this wiki, like on Wikipedia? Extremely p*ssed off.

10:20, February 28, 2017 (UTC)MemberD (talk)

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Johnpeel3904 Johnpeel3904 6 December 2014

Mystery Record In John Peel's Record Box

On John Peel's Record Box at number 27 is a single by Dreamland Express called Groovy / U.F.O. who are supposed to be signed to EMI Records. After googling the name, I couldn't find anything about the artist called Dreamland Express or the single, which is surprising when they are supposed to be signed to a major record label like EMI. Does anyone know about this artist?

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Johnpeel3904 Johnpeel3904 2 April 2014

John Peel's Foreign Languages

John Peel on his shows sometimes had unidentified foreign language speakers before a track was played. The ones I've discovered are:

19 October 1989: Swahili

07 February 1990: Russian

04 July 1992: Punjabi

28 November 1992: Scottish Gaelic

I also remembered several shows, where unidentified speakers of Japanese and Dutch were spoken, but I can't remember the dates. Does anyone else know any other foreign languages that they've heard where unidentified speakers speak on Peel's show before a track was played.

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Johnpeel3904 Johnpeel3904 4 August 2013

Which Peel show did this come from ?

I was reading about Tom Ravenscroft (Peel's son) from an old Telegraph web link below:

Replace Dad? That would be hateful

On the 13th and 14th paragraph of the link above, the article mentions this: Peel never expected any of his children to take up the profession. "He certainly didn't give me any tips," says Ravenscroft. "The last time I was on national radio, I got told off for swearing. "Dad was talking about Archie [his grandchild] and asked me what I thought. I replied, 'He's f***ing awesome.' He apologised for how badly he'd brought up his children." Does anyone know which Peel show did the above come from ? I certainly know it was after September 2003, because that was when Archie was born.

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Johnpeel3904 Johnpeel3904 25 July 2013

The Pixies Peel Session 1990

Hi All

Does anyone know whether the Pixies' Peel Session of 1990 was ever broadcast on BBC Radio One ? If not, why wasn't it broadcast. I had a look at the BBC John Peel website and it mentioned the session was recorded on 11th June 1990, but it didn't mention the date when it was broadcast. I also had a look at Ken Garner's Peel Session book, to see if there was perhaps a live Peel session by the Pixies broadcast on 11th June 1990, but it didn't mention any session from the Pixies. The only session on 11th June 1990 according to the book was from a band called Masasu. 

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Johnpeel3904 Johnpeel3904 12 May 2013

Rich200 Tapes

Hi, this message is probably more towards Weatherman22 than anyone else, but I would like to know whether he knows if Rich200 has the Peel session from the great African kora player called Toumani Diabate, who did a Peel session, I believe broadcast on 2nd November 1989.  I know most tapes so far of Rich200 have come from John Peel's 1989 shows and I'm hoping that Toumani Diabate session is on that, as I would love to hear it. Many thanks in advance.

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