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Blood And Roses

Blood And Roses were a UK based punk / post-punk group from London. Members included: Lisa Kirby (vocals), Richard Morgan (drums), Jez James (bass), Bob Short (guitar) and Ralph Jezzard (bass). The band released two albums and a couple of singles between 1983 and 1985. In 2007, the Anagram label released a compilation of their material called 'Same As It Never Was - The Collection'.

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Peel first played the band's debut single, 'Love Under Will' in the spring of 1983. Impressed by their material, he invited the group to do a session for his show in April 1983. After 1985, the band were largely forgotten by Peel until 1992 when he played a track from their debut single.



Blood & Roses - Peel Session 1983

1. Recorded: 1983-04-20. First Broadcast: 26 April 1983. Repeated: 16 May 1983

  • Theme From Assault On Precinct 13 / Possession / Spit On Your Grave / Curse On You

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