The Bodysnatchers, Do the Rocksteady

The Bodysnatchers, Do the Rocksteady

Let's Do Rock Steady

The Bodysnatchers were an all-girl 7 piece rocksteady / ska band. The group released two singles on the 2 Tone label in 1980, the first of which - Let's Do Rock Steady - was a Top 30 hit in March that year on the back of the 2 Tone boom. The group recorded two sessions for the Peel show in 1980 before splitting by the end of the year. Many members of the group went on to form the pop group the Belle Stars.

Lead singer Rhoda Dakar later re-recorded the disturbing date rape song 'The Boiler' (recorded originally for the Bodysnatchers debut Peel session) along with former bassist Nicky Summers and members of Special AKA for a single release in 1982. [1]

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Peel was a big supporter of the group, even if the press were not [2]. In 1980 both Peel and the band appeared together on the children's Saturday morning TV show Tiswas, as mentioned on 14 April 1980.

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1. What's This? / Happy Time Tune / The Boiler / The Ghosts Of The Vox Continental

2. Hiawatha / Mixed Feelings / Private Eye / The Loser

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