Boris (ボリス Borisu) is a Japanese experimental sludge/doom metal band formed in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan and currently composed of Atsuo (drums, vocals), Takeshi (bass, guitar, vocals) and Wata (guitar, vocals). The band is named after a song of the same name on the Melvins' 1991 album Bullhead. Their debut album Absolutego was released in 1996 on their own record label Fangs Anal Satan, followed by 24 more studio albums (as well as a number of EPs, singles and collaborative albums) on various labels around the world.

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Peel mentioned in 2004 having a copy of the band's Amplifier Worship album after mentioning the group released it a few years ago, but only just recently available on an American record label. The album was originally released in 1998, and Peel played a few tracks from the album on his shows.

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Boris - Amplifier Worship (Full Album)

Boris - Amplifier Worship (Full Album)


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