Brian Eno

Brian Eno

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno 
(15 May 1948), professionally known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno, is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music. He joined the band Roxy Music as synthesiser player in the early 1970s, but Eno soon tired of touring and of conflicts with lead singer Bryan Ferry. He did use the other members of the band as session musicians for his solo albums more than once, though.

Eno's solo music has explored more experimental musical styles and ambient music. It has also been extremely influential, pioneering ambient and generative music, innovating production techniques, and emphasising "theory over practice". He also introduced the concept of chance music to popular audiences, partially through collaborations with other musicians. Eno has also worked as an influential music and album producer. (Read more at Wikipedia)

Links to Peel

One way or another, Eno was featured extensively on Peel's show: firstly in the early 70s, when Peel was a fan of Roxy Music, then when Eno went solo. He also played music by some of his collaborations with other musicians, and music produced by him. Even after Peel lost interest in Roxy Music, he retained considerable respect for Eno's music. During the Roxy Music band retrospective broadcast on 11 August 1976, the DJ commented:

“Of all Roxy Music members past and present, the one whose music I enjoy most I think is Eno.”

Eno's album 'Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)' made it on the John's list of 1974 Top Ten Albums. Peel, famously, also accidentally played backwards a session by Fripp & Eno, an incident which was referred to constantly during the years of his broadcasting career.

Eno's post-Roxy activities as musician and producer took in a wide variety of artists featured by Peel, including Laurie Anderson, Kevin Ayers, David Bowie, John Cale, Cluster, Depeche Mode, Devo, Genesis, Jah Wobble, James, Nico, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Portsmouth Sinfonia, Quiet Sun, Slowdive, Talking Heads, Ultravox, Robert Wyatt, Zvuki Mu and 808 State. He also had a longstanding association with U2, who weren't big favourites of the DJ.[3] [4] In 1996, Peel gave airtime to the Half Man Half Biscuit track 'Eno Collaboration'.[5] [6] [7]

In the punk era, Peel played tracks from the Eno-scored 'Jubilee' film soundtrack, which also featured session artists Adam And The Ants, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs and Chelsea.[8] [9]

Eno was also responsible for the landmark "No New York" compilation, introducing artists from the city's No Wave movement,[10] which was played heavily by Peel in 1978.

Also in the post-punk era, Peel sessions band A Certain Ratio took their name from the lyrics of the Eno song 'The True Wheel', from 'Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)'.[11] Fellow Mancunians Joy Division were originally named Warsaw after the song 'Warszawa,' co-written by Eno and David Bowie for the 1977 Bowie album 'Low'.[12] Meanwhile, over at the On-U Sound label of Adrian Sherwood, an Eno quote about "a vision of a psychedelic Africa" inspired the formation of African Head Charge.[1]

The enduring influence of Eno on a huge range of artists supported by Peel was shown in October 2004, when the DJ was on holiday in Peru and Eno tracks were played on his show on separate nights by fill-in DJs Siouxsie Sioux (of punk pioneers Siouxsie & The Banshees) and Rick Smith and Karl Hyde (of electronic dance outfit Underworld).

Eno on John Peel

In an interview for Radio 1's “Keeping It Peel” broadcasts to mark the first anniversary of John Peel's death, Eno stated: 

"When I first started making music, it was John Peel's shows that inspired me. And then when I did make music, it was John Peel who played it first on the radio. So I have to thank him for my career. I also have to thank him for playing a whole album of mine backwards on the air once ... it was pretty abstract music, but all the same, John, I can't understand how anybody could make that kind of mistake ! Anyway it's all forgiven now and we still love you and we still miss you."

On 27 September 2015, Eno gave the fifth John Peel Lecture. Shortly before, he visited Peel Acres to make a personal selection of notable discs in Peel's record collection (see Record Boxes: Brian Eno). These included the debut album of the Velvet Underground (with Nico), which Eno said he first heard on the Perfumed Garden in August 1967.[13] Eno is often credited with a celebrated, if disputed [2], quote about the record, which claimed that everybody who bought a copy went out and started a band.

Festive Fifty


Eno & The Winkies - Peel Session 1974

Eno & The Winkies - Peel Session 1974

One session, backed by The Winkies. No known commercial release.

1. Recording date: 1974-02-26. First broadcast: 05 March 1974

  • The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch / Baby's On Fire / Totalled / Fever

Eno did also five sessions as a member of Roxy Music and one as a member of Fripp & Eno.

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Solo releases
  • 11 April 1974: Cindy Tells Me (LP - Here Come The Warm Jets) Island
1980s and later
Eno, Moebius, Roedelius
Eno & David Byrne
'Jubilee' soundtrack

(LP - Jubilee) Polydor, 1978

'No New York' compilation

(2xLP - No New York) Antilles, 1978

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  1. See artist page. The name of the first AHC LP, "My Life In A Hole In The Ground", is a reference to the Eno/David Byrne album "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts". In 2005, AHC came a full circle with the name of the album "Vision Of A Psychedelic Africa".
  2. See Richie Unterberger's account in "22 Myths and Legends About the Velvet Underground[1]. See also this article[2], which tries to trace the history of the quote.
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