Bubbley Kaur

Bubbley Kaur with two members of Cornershop, Tjinder Singh (on the left) and Ben Ayres (on the right)

Bubbley Kaur is a pseudonym of an Indian New Delhi born housewife who, along with her husband and children, owns a launderette company in Preston, northern England. Bubbley got involved in recording music by accident when she met Tjinder Singh of Cornershop through a taxi driver friend in 2003 who mentioned to Tjinder that Bubbley had a fantastic singing voice.  On meeting, they realized that they had met at a party some years previously and discussed their mutual love of Punjabi folk music. Since Kaur was a mother and launderette operative, she had heard little in the way of Western pop and rock music, let alone anything by Cornershop. This ultimately led to their first collaboration on the track Topknot in 2004, for which Kaur co-wrote the lyrics. In 2011, she collaborated again with the group and released the album And The Double-O Groove Of, which featured electro and Bollywood influences. Not much is known about Bubbley Kaur, and the band Cornershop have tightened the limit on what the media should know of her, possibly because of a backlash from certain people in the close-knit Asian community in Preston. [1]

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Peel was a fan of Bubbley Kaur's vocals on Cornershop's Topknot track. He liked the record so much he played it regularly on his show. After his death in October 2004, the track reached number 40 on the 2004 Festive Fifty, presented by Rob Da Bank.

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Topknot - Cornershop ft Bubbley Kaur

Topknot - Cornershop ft Bubbley Kaur


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