Building 44 were a band comprised of Pete Reynolds (vocals), Kenneth Nelson (synthesizer, vocals), Tony Jones (bass, vocals) and Dave Reilly (drums, percussion). Their song Number Two featured on the German cassette compilation The Best Of the Rest 11/12. In 1984, Nelson was replaced by Dave Reilly and the band signed to Inevitable Records, based at Amazon Studios in Liverpool. They toured with China Crisis (with whom Reilly went on to play drums and percussion, including on their first Peel Session), the Lotus Eaters and Mari Wilson. Jones went on to play bass for the Christians and Nelson produced Coldplay's first LP. The band folded in 1988.

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The band recorded a session for JP in 1983 (produced by Dale Griffin) which saw two repeats that year. Unusually, it only featured three songs instead of the usual four.

Festive Fifty Entries

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    BUILDING 44 John Peel 2nd April 1983

    BUILDING 44 John Peel 2nd April 1983


  • One session. No known commercial release.

1. Recorded: 1983-04-02. First broadcast: 11 April 1983. Repeated: 27 April 1983, 29 June 1983

  • Azrael / Give It Back / Mr Opium

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