is a British UK hardcore dance act, whose aliases were known either Beat Factory, Chavbots From Outta Space, Jon Doe or D.H.S.S. The group consisted of a mixture of performing artists and musicial technicians, including band members Ned, Jon Pitts, MC Trigger and MC Fugitive. The group became active in the early 00's starting of in Happy Hardcore before going into the UK Hardcore dance scene.  

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In 2003, CLSM produced and released the single "John Peel (Is Not Enough)". The lyrical content of the track expressed the dismay that John Peel was the only BBC Radio One DJ to play hard dance music as part of his show. The track entered at number 9 in the 2003 Festive Fifty, which surprised Peel on how high it reached on the chart. Further remixes were not only big hits in the clubs but the name of the track was used for a BBC one-off documentary show in 2004 featuring John Peel showcasing modern Hardcore music—a BBC radio first at the time. The record sparked a campaign including the biggest petition at the time on the BBC's own 'ican' site. The success of the petition and communication resulted in meetings with Radio 1. In 2005, DJ Kutski was given a monthly show on rotation with other DJs. In October 2008, Kutski was given a weekly show on Radio 1, drawing the 'John Peel' campaign to a successful conclusion.

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  • 18 October 2001: Ware House (12” split single with Lee James) Honey Pot (under the name of Jon Doe)
CLSM - John Peel Is Not Enough

CLSM - John Peel Is Not Enough

'John Peel (Is Not Enough)', #09 in the 2003 Festive Fifty


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