Cambodian Space Project

Cambodian Space Project was a rock group co founded by Australian musician Julien Poulson and his then wife, Cambodian singer Kak Channthy in 2009 after Julien saw her singing at a beer garden. The band was inspired by the country's vibrant rock scene of the 1960s, widely considered Cambodia's golden age before the Khmer Rouge eradicated all traces of modern culture and music. The Cambodian Space Project helped to usher in a revival of the 1960s rock scene, taking on the mantle of great Cambodian singers of the gilded era such as Ros Serey Sothea, Pan Ron and Sinn Sisamouth, all of whom died during the genocide that lasted from 1975 to 1979. The band is one of the few Cambodian rock bands to make it overseas. In 2018, Kak Channthy tragically died at the age of 38 when the auto rickshaw she was travelling in was hit by a car. The driver who caused the collision was charged with negligent driving causing unintentional injury and death.

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