Canopy - B1 - Arkine's Lost (John Peel Show Radio 1 1995?)-0

Canopy - B1 - Arkine's Lost (John Peel Show Radio 1 1995?)-0

Canopy & Matrix were in fact separate entities consisting of the same musicians. Canopy were a drum & bass pseudonym of 'Matrix Project' who were the main outfit and specialised in techno. The names of the artists were Shaun Toft (from Cornwall) & Spencer Martin (from Birmingham).

Their track 'Arkine's Lost' was featured by Peel in the Peelenium 1994. After playing it on 06 January 2000, he commented:

"That's always seemed to me an amazingly forlorn, bleak sort of record. Makes me think if the beginning of Mary Shelley's book of 'Frankenstein', not quite sure why but it does have that sort of feel to it, I think... And there was always some confusion of what this was called and who it was by but we've settled for 'Arkines Lost' by Canopy & Matrix. Now I remember phoning the people who released the record and they didn't know very much about it either and so it remains a mystery to me, But what 'Arkines' means or who Arkines was, I simply don't know at all."

The original EP contained three tracks and was released in 1993 on Space Records, a now-defunct small independent label based in Birmingham, as SPAC9. 'Rough Business', written by Spencer & Shaun, was the A side track. The B side had two tracks, 'The Forest Canopy' and 'Arkine's Lost', both written by Shaun.

There were only 500 copies of the EP pressed.

Canopy & Matrix project separated in 1995.

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