Carte de Séjour was a French band founded in 1980 by Rachid Taha (vocals), Djamel Dif (drums), Mokhtar Amini (bass guitar), Mohamed Amini (guitar) and Éric Vaquer (guitar).The band gained prominence in France in the 80's particularly with the French-Algerian community with their version of Douce France in 1986 by Charles Trenet. The group included in its repertoire rock, punk rock as well as traditional Arab music and gnawa music. The band split in 1990 with singer Rachid Taha going for a solo career who is considered one of the major singers of raï genre.

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Pee played a track from the group on his show in 1982. It is not known according to available playlists, whether he played anymore tracks from the band.

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John Peel's Carte de Séjour - Halouf Nar

John Peel's Carte de Séjour - Halouf Nar


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