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In Early 2015 Youtube and Mixcloud member Happy Otter began to upload his extensive selection of Peel mixtapes. These do not contain much of John's commentary, and while the earliest tapes leave something to be desired in audio terms, they are still well worth a listen, and the sound improves markedly with later tapes. In early 2016 HO took down the Youtube files due to automated copyrighting sweeps, but most are still available on Mixcloud

Most of the tapes were recorded slightly at random so the exact shows these were recorded from is unknown, and dates shown against the tracks are generally those of known plays rather than the definite show recorded from. By 1994 and 1995 there is more certainty partly due to the recordings being more sequential, but also due to the almost complete Lorcan's Tracklistings for these years. As such, several show pages could be created, detailed below. 

HO John Peel 55 1993 94 Side a started with tracks from already shared 07 August 1993 and 13 August 1993, plus an undated track. The rest of side a and half of side b contained tracks already shared from 11 June 1994, then the rest of the tape contained tracks already shared from [[17 June 1994]

HO John Peel 56 1994 Side a began with several tracks from already shared 17 June 1994 then three unshared tracks from 11 June 1994. (108m in total) The rest of the side a and half of side b was dedicated to already shared 18 June 1994. ANother already shared track from 09 July 1994 then four tracks from already shared 01 July 1994 and one from fully shared 15 July 1994.

HO John Peel 57 1994 SIde a began with a Salt Tank session track from a complete show. Next up an unshared track from 02 July 1994. Several tracks from 10 September 1994, one new, and then several already shared from 09 July 1994. Side b started with 21 edited minutes of new show 09 September 1994, followed by another new show, 01 October 1994. The last three tracks were from the already fully shared show of 07 October 1994.

HO John Peel 58 1994 1995 side a mainly contained tracks from already complete shows, but a new track from 24 September 1994. Side a ended and side b began with tracks from an unknown show (not documented on Lorcan's page). Next up on side b already shared tracks from a couple of shows in December 1994. A few tracks from 14 January 1995 followed, the only new share being the debut play of Delgados, who John mistakenly announces as being from Hamilton. Then a couple of tracks from new show 27 January 1995, including another important debut play for Kenickie.

HO John Peel 59 1995 Side a contained a further two tracks from 27 January 1995 and the rest of the side tracks from 28 January 1995, another new show. Side 2 contained tracks from 04 February 1994, 11 February 1994, 18 February 1994, all unshared, and new shows for the 4th and 18th. Two mystery Verve session tracks appear.

HO John Peel 60 1994-95 Side a contained 13 edited tracks from 29 April 1995, with an extra track on side b. Previously only one track was available, so we now have almost half of his show. Side b continued with tracks from 04 November 1994 (previously shared) 11 February 1995 (2 new tracks) and 14 April 1995 (previously shared).

HO John Peel 61 1995 actually jumped forward to 2002, which contained edited tracks from late May and early June, though the shows have previously been shared in complete form. THE JOHN PEEL SHOW Friday 15 December 1995

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