In summer 2013 Peel Mailing List member Karl Eldridge (also known as edgirdle2001) outlined his collection of 88 tapes from 1981-1986, as well as a selection of tapes from 1998-2004. So far around 43 tapes have been shared, initially with the help of Andrew.

These tapes are edited, and generally consist of a bunch of tracks from the Evening Show, then a bunch of tracks from the Peel Show. The evening show was hosted by Mike Read until January 81, Richard Skinner January 1981 to 4 October 1981 David Kid Jensen 5 October 1981 to 14 June 1984 Richard Skinner 15 June 1984 to September 1984 and Janice Long September 1984 to an unknown date when Andy Kershaw took over.

Many of the tapes have been dated but as the Evening Show session repeat dates have never been documented, it's not been possible to date everything.

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