"The Peelenium took four tracks taken from each year of the last century and was introduced by The Voice, usually on tape but with a live performance on a Thursday night from Peel Acres. Thus stretching from 1900 to the Millennium, it was broadcast during the last hundred shows of 1999.

A lot of research was done to find the most interesting tracks and to ensure that they were original recordings. BBC Archive and Information were invaluable as were wonderful people at the BBC Music Library who've actually had to search through the BBC's massive record collection to find the necessary tracks.

The idea of the Peelennium was conceived as a musical way to celebrate the Millennium. We thought it would be interesting to see how popular musical styles changed over the century and hear what shaped the music we listen to nowadays.

John's knowledge came into play when we hit the twenties and we all spent some musical weekends at Peel Acres going through his record collection with the result that we now have a comprehensive list right into the late eighties.

And so, the Peelenium began on Thursday 13th May 1999 with the year 1900... "

taken from the original BBC pages, still available here:

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