Cathal Coughlan is an Irish singer songwriter, formerly of Microdisney, and The Fatima Mansions. His work with both bands has received much critical acclaim, as has his solo material. Coughlan began singing in the late 1970s. After Coughlan met Sean O'Hagan, they formed Microdisney in 1980. His lyrics focus on politics, the seamy side of relationships and the interplay between the two, utilising surreal imagery and literary and historical references. He also uses a variety of musical styles, including neo-classical and techno. He has recorded with comedian Sean Hughes as "Bubonique" releasing a number of CDs parodying current musical trends including "20 Golden Showers" and "Trance Arse Volume 3". His voice has prompted comparisons with Scott Walker, whom Coughlan considers a major influence.

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Peel allegedly on his show said that he could "listen to Cathal Coughlan sing the phone book", and as a fan of his voice, often played Coughlan's bands, Microdisney and Fatima Mansions, as well as his solo career.

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Cathal Coughlan - Payday

Cathal Coughlan - Payday

  • 09 August 1988: Ring Of Fire (v/a LP - 'Til Things Are Brighter...A Tribute To Johnny Cash) Red Rhino

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