Chain Reaction was a BBC Radio 5 series in which a celebrity interviewer would choose another famous person to interview. In a "chain reaction," the following programme would see the interviewee of the previous show turn interviewer and pick their own guest.

Peel appeared twice on the programme in August 1993, first being interviewed by David Gedge of the Wedding Present and then interviewing Liverpool striker Ian Rush.

The two shows were later repeated as part of the Purely Peel tribute programme. According to the Genome site, the dates of these programmes were 6th and 13th August 1993.

Chain Reaction 1, 06 Aug. 1993

Chain Reaction: David Gedge Interviews John Peel (Transcript)

Chain Reaction 2, 13 Aug. 1993

Chain Reaction: John Peel Interviews Ian Rush (Transcript)

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