Douglas Veitch, better known as Champion Doug Veitch (born 1960, Hawick, Scotland) is a Scottish musician and songwriter. The self-styled 'King of Caledonian Swing' rose to some prominence in the mid 1980s and holds the record for having most (six) consecutive NME singles of the week. His music was a ground-breaking polycultural mix, using elements from dub, reggae, country music and Scottish folk music, which foretold the cross cultural mixing more common in later years.

In 1985, he co-founded the label DiscAfrique with his colleague Owen Elias, which was one of the first world music labels in the United Kingdom, releasing records by The Bhundu Boys, Orchestre Baobab and The Four Brothers amongst others.

In 1989, he released an album of Scottish country dance music with his wife under the moniker Martin, Doug and Sara. He later drifted out of the music industry due to personal issues, and took a PhD in woodland management. However, he reunited with Bhundu Boys guitarist Rise Kagona under the name Culture Clash. Unusually Veitch sings the songs in Shona rather than his native tongue. The duo released the album Tanzwa Neku Tambura: We've Suffered Enough in 2007.

Links to Peel

A favourite of John Peel, for whom he recorded two radio sessions, Veitch introduced the Bhundu Boys to the DJ, a seminal moment in music history, leading to them becoming one of John's favourite artists. [1]

After the 80s, Peel rarely played any of material from Veitch, who had already retired from performing.


CHAMPION DOUG VEITCH John Peel 7th August 1984

CHAMPION DOUG VEITCH John Peel 7th August 1984

1. Recorded: 1984-08-07. Broadcast: 04 September 1984. Repeated: 19 September 1984, 15 October 1984

  • One Black Night / Banks Of Marble / Not The Heart / Another Place

2. Recorded: 1986-02-18. Broadcast: 19 March 1986. Repeated: 31 March 1986, 11 June 1986

  • Margarita / Rodgers And Out / Tears On My Pillow / Sweet Bacchanal

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Champion Doug Veitch - Not the Heart

Champion Doug Veitch - Not the Heart


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