Chandra Oppenheim, otherwise known simply as Chandra, was a 12 year old American singer in 1980, who released her first record with a band named after her. Her father, artist/professor Dennis Oppenheim, was a teacher of Eugenie Diserio, whose bands played at parties at Chandra's family's loft. Eugenie was in Model Citizens, who split after doing one record produced by John Cale, and fractioned into The Dance and Polyrock, who then did an album with Philip Glass. Chandra's drummer, Fred Maher, was also a member of Material at the same time he was recording and backing The Dance and Chandra. Chandra grew up in the middle of the early 1980's New York City arts and music scene of that era and around many of the people locally involved. Her music was defined as new wave and after her debut record, she gone on to do other work including art and performance art under her full name Chandra Oppenheim.

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Peel obtained a record of Chandra's EP, where he played a track on his 13 December 1980 (BFBS) show. It is currently not known according to available playlists whether he played tracks from her on his BBC Radio One shows, although it is more likely he did.

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CHANDRA subways 1980

CHANDRA subways 1980


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