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The Chefs were a late Seventies / early Eighties band from Brighton, fronted by Helen McCory (aka Helen McCookerybook). Some cite the band as inventing what became known as the 'C86' indiepop sound.

Career Outline

  • After releasing two singles on the independent Attrix label they signed to Graduate Records, then home of UB40.
  • In early 1982 the group changed their name to Skat and recorded another Peel session under that name before splitting in mid-1982 following the release of a single on Graduate Records, a cover of the Velvet Underground's 'Femme Fatale'.
  • Helen McCookerybook later formed Helen And The Horns and recorded a further three sessions for the Peel show in 1983-84.

Links to Peel

  • The Chefs first came to Peel's attention with the track 'Food' that was released on the Attrix LP 'Vaultage 79', a compilation of Brighton bands.
  • The first session the group recorded for the show was a favourite with Peel and the listeners, being broadcast a total of seven times.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None.


  • Two sessions, both released in 2012 on the 'Records And Tea: The Best of The Chefs' (Damaged Goods).

1. Recorded: 1981-05-05. First broadcast: 11 May 1981. Repeated 17 June 1981, 03 August 1981, 26 August 1981, 26 November 1981, 09 December 1981, 19 July 1983.

  • One Fine Day / I'll Go Too / Love Is Such A Splendid Thing / Northbound Train / Springtime Reggae

2. As 'Skat'. Recorded: 1982-03-08. First broadcast: 10 March 1982. Repeated 12 April 1982.

  • Honcho / Sleeping Dogs Lie / Sad Boy Style / Just A Word

Other Shows Played

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"Mine's bigger than yours. Those are the Chefs and that's called Boasting from their EP on Attrix Records from Brighton and Robin Miller in Sounds has a bit of a dig at me for liking the EP because there's a track on it about the popular disease thrush. I'll remember you Robbie."

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