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Christopher Howell (born 1st May 1973) is a British DJ and record producer, known for his work in hardcore dance music, especially drum & bass and happy hardcore. He was a member of the group Smart E's in 1992, which had a No. 2 hit in the UK Singles Chart with "Sesame's Treet", a remix of the Sesame Street theme song. He founded Kniteforce Records in 1992, for which he produced tracks and remixes under various aliases. The label was sold in 1997 but resurrected as Kniteforce Again (KFA) in 2001.

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Peel played many of Chris Howell's material in the 90's through his various aliases, especially his drum & bass and happy hardcore works.

Shows Played

Luna c - End of an era

Luna c - End of an era

  • 01 April 1995 (BFBS): 'Piano Progression (Just 4 U Remix) (Compilation CD-Hardcore Happiness)' (Stage One)
  • 09 July 1997: End Of An Era (v/a album - Only For The Headstrong) Death Becomes Me
  • 17 February 1998: Project 7 (DJ Tapit & B&H remix) (shared 12" with Cru-L-T - Remix Records & Kniteforce Present 'The Remix's' Part 8) Death Becomes Me
  • 01 June 1996: You Only Live Once (Just 4U Mix) (v/a album - Hardcore Happiness Vol. 3) Stage One
Condemned (Original Mix)

Condemned (Original Mix)

Hired Gun
  • 24 April 1997: Beginning Of A New Era (Exclusive Mix) (v/a LP - United Dance Volume 6) Fourbeat
Decay (Chris Howell & Andy Wilson)
Cut Loose (Chris Howell & Mark Selby)
Def Wish (Chris Howell & Peter Johnson)
Divine Intervention (Chris Howell, Mark Selby, Matt Harris)
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T (Chris Howell & James Foster)
  • 01 December 1995: 'Take Me Away (Exclusive Splimatt Remix) (Compilation 12"-Slipmatt Takes Control)' (Kickin)
  • 16 December 1995 (BFBS): 'Take Me Away (Exclusive Splimatt Remix) (Compilation 12"-Slipmatt Takes Control)' (Kickin)

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