It's A Cool Cool Christmas

This page is a preliminary attempt to list the Christmas compilations played by John Peel on his radio shows. JP began to play Christmas music on his show from the last week in November onwards and certain compilations yielded more tracks he considered to be worthy of airplay than others: for example, while Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift For You is widely considered to be one of the very best of its type, but was only played twice by John. There is some crossover with other various artist (v/a) compilation pages: many thanks to those involved.

The plays are divided into decades (as yet, none have been listed for the 1960s so this has been omitted. Please add if further information comes to light). The albums are then sub-divided alphabetically and then by the first known play on John's shows.


(Please add further information if known.)


(LP-A Christmas Dedication) Checker


(LP - Yard Style Christmas With Jah Iriest Artists) Mic Productions

(LP - Christmas Rap) Profile

(LP - Christmas Soul Special) QAG

(LP - The Phil Spector Christmas Album (A Christmas Gift For You) Chrysalis

(LP - We Three Bings: Vital Music's N.Y. Trash Xmas Compilation) Vital Music


(CD - A Lump Of Coal) First Warning

(CD-A Midnight Christmas Mess) Midnight

(CD-A Very Special Christmas) A&M

(CD-Blue Yule) Rhino

(CD - Bummed Out Christmas) Rhino

(CD-Doo Wop Christmas) Rhino

(LP-Rockin' Christmas) Rhino


(CD-A Christmas Gift From Fortuna Pop!) Fortuna Pop

(CD-A Christmas Gift From Fortuna Pop! Volume 2) Fortuna Pop

(CD-Christmas On The Rocks: A New Zealand Rock 'N' Roll Christmas CD)' (Fast Food)

(CD-It's A Cool Cool Christmas) Jeepster

(CD-Papa Ain't No Santa Claus Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree) Viper

(CD-Seasonal Greetings) Mobilé