Chuck Street (born 1951) (known as Commander Chuck Street) is an American broadcaster/helicopter pilot and businessman, who first started to go into radio broadcasting doing traffic news after hearing local radio station KMEN, whilst living in San Bernardino. Chuck started his career in 1983 at KIIS-FM. A helicopter pilot by hobby, he was down on his financial luck then. The rent was in arrears; the repossession man was nipping at his heels. Desperate, Mr. Street and a bare-chested woman hovered in a helicopter outside the 19th floor window of Rick Dees, the disc jockey. It paid off. Impressed with the derring-do of Chuck Street and the genetics of his female companion, Mr. Dees hired him a month later as a traffic pilot and reporter.

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According to one of Eric W. Rothenbuhler's Academic Articles titled Peel In America, he interviewed Chuck for his article and talked to him about the DJ:

Chuck Street knew Ravencroft, they dropped the ‘s’ from his name, during his time at KMEN in San Bernardino; he was a friend of Ravencroft’s wife and her brother. He spent time at the house, later going into a radio career himself, including work at KMEN. He says Ravencroft came from KOMA in February 1966, which is a more specific date than other sources provide. (Street has compiled some history of KMEN and organised a reunion of station personnel; he may have documentation of this date, but I have not seen it.) Ravencroft started on the morning shift, but was soon moved to evening. Street says Brian Lord was in charge of programming at the time, though he remembers Ravencroft played his own English Top 10 as well as the Inland Empire Top 10 (Inland Empire is a local name for that part of California). Street’s personal memories are that Peel was a voracious reader and had a ‘hell of a record collection’.

Chuck never really worked at KMEN, but was influenced by the station to start his career in radio broadcasting at a later stage. At the time in 1966, he would have been aged 15, a similar age to Peel's first wife Shirley Anne Milburn and her brother.

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