City Walls was an indie compilation album of musicians from the Southampton area. The man behind it, Richard Williams (not the well-known music journalist and former Old Grey Whistle Test presenter of that name), was at that time, running the University of Southampton's radio station. He wanted local musicians to get together to record an album and their mission was to get it played on BBC Radio One. The album was originally going to be called Derby Road, but later was changed to City Walls and got its released in late 1980.

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The album was sent to Peel who heard it and was invited to the University of Southampton to launch it after finishing his gig there. Richard Williams, the person behind the concept of the album, took Peel to a curry house after the gig, when he mentioned that he was hungry for curry. At the end of the dinner, Williams offered to pay for the meal, but Peel intervened and paid for the whole of it. In 2019, Richard Williams wrote the book, A Curry With John Peel, about the experience of making the compilation album and meeting Peel.


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