Coachwhips are a three-piece garage rock band who formed in San Francisco in 2001. The original lineup of the band consisted of John Dwyer (guitar / vocals), John Harlow (drums) and Mary Ann McNamara (keyboard). They specialised in producing short, raucous numbers with unintelligible vocals treated with distortion in a style similar to 2004 Peel discovery Jawbone. The band released three studio albums and one live LP before splitting in 2005. In 2014 Dwyer reformed the band with new personnel and played at the South By Southwest festival.

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"I do like this band a lot, I must say. If they ever come here we'll have them in to do a session, no question about that." (21 October 2003)

Peel first heard of the Coachwhips when a batch of records from New York's Narnack - a label hitherto unknown to him - arrived on the morning of 29 July 2003. Included in the package was a copy of the Coachwhips' LP "Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine". He was instantly taken with the band and straight away put one of their tracks into that night's show, despite having already compiled and typed up the track listings for that week. Further tracks from the LP were sprinkled into the programme over the summer.

On 04 November 2003 Peel mentioned that on his return home from One Live in Brighton, a copy of their next LP "Bangers Vs Fuckers" was waiting for him. Tracks from it began to be played the following week.

John continued to express his liking for the band:

"One of my wishes for 2004 is that the Coachwhips should visit our lovely country and do stuff for the programme." (18 November 2003)
"You know something, I do really hate it when people say if you're opposed to some aspects of American foreign policy that you're anti-American. How can you be anti-anywhere that produces a band like the Coachwhips?" (26 November 2003)
"Tasteless they may be, but our bodies pulse with desire for them nevertheless." (27 April 2004)

Peel last played the band in April 2004, when he received a copy of a split 7" single the band had recorded for Show & Tell Recordings of San Francisco and later Chicago, Illinois. Commenting on the first play of this on the programme on 15 April 2004, Peel mentioned that he had received information that the band were coming to the UK in the autumn. "Hopefully we'll get them in to do something for the programme then", he said. Sadly this didn't happen.

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