Colon were a band from the Isle Of Man who were active from 1989-1991 and consisted of Selwyn Callister (Guitar), Nicky Smith (Bass/Vocals), Colin Christian (Samples/Guitar) and Phil Reynolds (Guitar/Vocals). Heavily influenced by Big Black and Sonic Youth, they released a 12" EP - titled "164" in 1990 on Comedy Pope Records, distributed by Backs/Cartel. They recorded a Peel Session in 1990, which was broadcast twice. The band reformed shortly in 2008, but split afterwards.

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Peel played tracks from the EP several times, including one memorable night when he opened his show not with his theme tune, but with the statement "I think there's something wrong with your radio, listeners..." followed by the mentalist blast of "Smizzle". Tracks were also played by him on the BBC World Service.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None


Recorded: 1990-07-03. First broadcast: 31 July 1990. Repeated: 21 October 1990.

  • Top Quality Sturdy Bargains / Disco Bar / Corno / Sex Cadet

Other Shows Played

John Peel's Colon - Smizzle

John Peel's Colon - Smizzle

Colon - Smizzle

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  • 08 January 1998 (BFBS): (John claims that Colon are the only band from the Isle Of Man ever to record a Peel session, and plays an old release followed by a new one featuring former members) CE Slab (12" - 164 EP) Comedy Pope

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