(This page is about the punk band. For the Norwich band of the same name, see Crabs(2)).

The Crabs were an early UK punk band that featured Ricci Titcombe, Rick Newson, Tony Diggines and Will Kimbling. The band never released a single or album under their own name and only contributed to various compilation albums, before changing themselves into the Fulham Furies, and releasing a single, before splitting up.

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The group did a session for Peel's show in 1978 and are not related to another group of the same name, who did a session for him in 1982.


The Crabs - Peel Session 1978

The Crabs - Peel Session 1978

1. Recorded: 1978-04-26. Broadcast: 03 May 1978

  • Victim / Under Pressure / Lullabys Lie / Don't Want Your Love

Other Shows Played

  • None according to available playlists

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