(This page is about the Norwich band. For the punk band of the same name, see Crabs).

The Crabs were a Norwich indie band, who never released any singles or albums of their own. They contributed to a few songs for the 1982 Reel Number One cassette compilation, which featured amongst others the Higsons, Serious Drinking and the Farmer's Boys. The group consisted of Sarah Smith, Jeanette Purcell, Karen King, Phil Emby and David Cuff. The band were compared to Bananarama in their music and not much information is known about the group and where they went after they split.

Links to Peel

The Crabs did a session for Peel's show in 1982 and allowed him to talk them into doing a version of You'll Never Walk Alone (apparently, he encouraged artists in those days to make their own version of the Liverpool terrace favourite in the hopes of releasing an LP, which apparently never materialised) for his show. The group are not related to another band of the same name who did a session for Peel in 1978.


The Crabs - Peel Session 1982

The Crabs - Peel Session 1982

1. Recorded: 1982-04-21. Broadcast: 03 May 1982, 03 June 1982, 13 July 1982, 01 November 1982, 20 December 1982

  • Please Ask Me Out / Love's Not That Great Really / Stalemate / Rape Rap / You'll Never Walk Alone

Other Shows Played

  • None, according to available playlists

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