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(This page is about the 70's British rock band. For the reggae musician of the same name, see Curly(2)).

Curly were a 70's British rock group consisting of Steve Farr, Stewart Blandameer, Dave Dowle, Kevin Cantlon and Bill Roberts. They released only one single, 'High Flying Bird', in 1975, before splitting up. The band opened up for Status Quo during the summer of 1973 but despite their talent, Curly struggled to find their own audience and disappeared shortly thereafter. Stewart Blandameer later went on to play with Q Tips (1979-1982), then worked with Adam Ant during his 80's assault on USA. He also written songs for other artists.

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Peel seems to have first heard the group when they entered in a competition (which may have been the Rockortunity Knocks, a pun to the popular 70's UK TV music competition programme, Opportunity Knocks, for Top Gear), where they won the prize in 1972/73, according to YouTube user, Si Tambling [1]. The winner of the Rockortunity Knocks would then do a session for Peel's show, which Curly recorded in October 1973.

The band finally released a single, 'High Flying Bird's in 1975, which got positive reviews by Peel in Sounds' Singles Reviews. However, despite the positive reviews and airplay by Peel, the group struggled in record sales and ultimately split up.


1. Recorded: 1973-10-29. First Broadcast: 20 November 1973

  • Keeping My Motor Cool / Rock Me Roll Me / High Flying Bird

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