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Curve were an English alternative rock/electronic duo from London, formed in 1990 and split in 2005. The band consisted of Toni Halliday (vocals, occasionally guitar) and Dean Garcia (bass, guitar, drums, programming). Halliday wrote also the lyrics of their songs and they both contributed to songwriting. An important collaborator was the producer Alan Moulder, who helped them to shape their blend of heavy beats and densely layered guitar tracks set against Halliday's vocals ... (read more at Wikipedia)

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Between 1991 and 1993, Curve's music was regularly played by Peel, where the band did three sessions and had two 1991 Festive Fifty entries, which were broadcast in 1993.

Festive Fifty Entries



Curve - Peel Session 1991

Three sessions. #1 and #2 released on Radio Sessions (CD, Anxious, 1993).

1. Recorded 1991-03-10. First broadcast 31 March 1991. Repeated 02 June 1991.

  • Ten Little Girls / No Escape From Heaven / The Colour Hurts / The Coast Is Clear

2. Recorded 1992-02-11. First broadcast 29 February 1992. Repeated

  • Split Into Fractions / Die Like A Dog / Horror Head / Arms Out

3. Recorded 1993-08-25. 17 September 1993. Repeated

  • Crystal / Turkey Crossing / Superblaster / Left Of Mother

Other Shows Played


Curve - Ten Little Girls

  • Peel Out In The States (17): Missing Link
  • Best Of Peel Vol 58: Falling Free (The Aphex Twin Remix) (white label 7")' Anxious (JP: “Not absolutely the most riveting record I've heard in my entire life, but worth a play, I think, quite interesting.”)
  • Peel Spring 1992: Coast Is Clear (live) / unknown track (live)
  • Peel Summer 1993: Triumph (12" - Superblaster) Charisma DPRO-14100

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