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(a) The Stealers Wheel track is the session version so at least the end of this side is from 10 April 1975. Some earlier tracks may therefore also be from this show or 07 April 1975

(b) According to Wikipedia, the Ian Hunter album was released in April 1975 and the Lynyrd Skynyrd one the previous month. In a message to the Peel Mailing List, Ken Garner suggests from the Decktician Logs that the show may be Peel's Rock Week programme of 05 April 1975.

Reel Brand / Description

  • 3M Scotch (5")





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(Mick Ronson interviewed by Peel - possibly on the Saturday afternoon show Rockweek - and introducing tracks from new Ian Hunter album)
(Peel introduces two tracks from the new third Lynyrd Skynyrd album, which he doesn't rate as highly as their debut)


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