DJ Vinyl Junkie - Can't Forget

DJ Vinyl Junkie - Can't Forget

DJ Vinyl Junkie (born John Woods) is product of the late 80s / early 90s rave scene. Since establishing himself as a DJ in his hometown of Bristol in 1991, he has played at hundreds of events all over the UK and abroad. Began producing in 1994. Owner of Warehouse Wax records.

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On 17 September 1997, Peel led off his show with a happy hardcore version of “Without You” (retitled “Can't Forget”) by DJ Vinyl Junkie (with borrowed Mariah Carey vocal). He played the track multiple times, including in his live set at Sonar on 21 June 2001. It was also a favourite of Peel's wife, Sheila, who included it in her best of year selections at the end of 1997.[1]

The DJ was a big fan of Nilsson's 1971 chart-topping cover of “Without You”, originally by Badfinger, who were on the Beatles' Apple Records label. In 1994, a version by Mariah Carey also reached #1 in the UK charts.[2]

On the Fantazia Rave Archive forum, Vinyl Junkie was asked how he felt being played by Peel:

I was gobsmacked... He played that Mariah Carey thing (Can't Forget - JVR002) about 6 times; he even played it in his 50 top tunes of the year and said that it was actually his wife's favorite tune of the year. That was a wicked buzz but at the same time I was shittin' myself about the sample, it was taken from that tune... "I can't live if living is without you" which had been in the charts a few months before and I nicked a massive chunk of it... Yeah yeah I know... Cheesy as hell. But I originally done that tune was for an Alpha Magic label called "Whodunnit" and when they knocked it back I thought fuck it, I ain't gonna waste it. It turned out to be the biggest seller on Junkie Vinyl. [3]

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