Thomas Wolfe by The DaVincis

Thomas Wolfe by The DaVincis

The Da Vincis (later called the DaVincis) were a British four-piece alternative rock band from Liverpool formed in 1984. Influences were largely American, particularly bands such as REM, The Replacements, The Dream Syndicate and other bands from the 'Paisley Underground'. They released two slices of vinyl on Pink Moon Records, the mini-album 'Eating Gifted Children' and a 12" single 'Pull' in 1988. The band also contributed a track called 'The Book' for the compilation album "Ways To Wear Coats - A Compilation From Vulcan Studios" in 1986. The band disbanded after playing their last gig in March 1990.

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Peel took an interest in the band after they contributed a track to the 1986 Ways To Wear Coats compilation album, which had recordings of many Merseyside indie bands including one from Peel favourites Half Man Half Biscuit. The Da Vincis did two sessions for Peel's show before disbanding.


1. Recorded: 1987-01-18. Broadcast: 02 February 1987. Repeated: 18 February 1987

  • Something Missing / Ava Gardner / When You're In / New Ways To Wear Coats

2. Recorded: 1988-09-27. Broadcast: 10 October 1988. Repeated: 08 November 1988

  • This Is What We Look Like / Eating Gifted Children / On And On / Second Home

Other Shows Played

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  • 26 November 1986: The Book (LP - Ways To Wear Coats: A Compilation From Vulcan Studios) Vulcan
  • 02 December 1986: The Book (LP - Ways To Wear Coats: A Compilation From Vulcan Studios) Vulcan

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