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The Danse Society, 1982.

The Danse Society are a post-punk goth group originating from Barnsley, UK formed in 1980. Since their debut album Seduction (1982) the original formation released three studio albums before splitting up up after Looking Through in 1986 (released as The Danse Society International). They were allegedly called on to re-form by a fan-based Facebook campaign in 2009, after which a further three albums have been released. Their first live gig in 25 years was performed at Germany's Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in May 2012. Live dates are still being scheduled in 2017.

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Peel was interested in the band right from their very first single release 'Clock' in 1981 and continued to feature their music throughout the early eighties. The Danse Society recorded two sessions for Peel, in 1981 and 1982, and also made it into the Festive Fifty in 1983. Two tracks from the first session were released as a single as early as 1982. The newly re-formed group performed at a John Peel Day 2016 event in Filey, Yorkshire.

Festive Fifty Entries


1. Recorded: 1981-11-21. First broadcast on 30 November 1981. Repeated: 17 December 1981 and 01 February 1982.

  • Sanity Career / We're So Happy / Womans Own / Love As Positive Narcotic

We're So Happy and Womans Own released on 7" and 12" single, 1982.

2. Recorded: 1982-08-28. First broadcast 13 September 1982. Repeated 27 December 1982.

  • Ambition / Clock / Godsend / The Seduction

no known official release.

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