• 1997-05
  • Compilation by Max-dat of Dance and International tracks from Peel's 1997 Radio 1 shows. Max-dat Tapes


07 May 1997 to 00:40:10

08 May 1997 00:40:10 - 01:47:42

Future Sound Of London live session

  • (JP: 'Can you hear me, Garry (Cobains)? There's an amazing delay actually on our voices.')
    (GC: 'Yeah, hi John.')
    (JP: 'Very strange. Spooky.')
    (GC: 'Are you there, John? John Peel? Speak to me.')
    (JP: 'I think you've started. Without me.')
    (GC: 'Speak to me, John. Speak.')
    (JP: 'It's all on tape, by the way, listeners. They're in a back room watching television.')
    (GC: 'John? I can't hear you, John. Is there a question? Are you nervous about the tribal gathering, John?')
    (JP: 'Certainly am.')
    (GC: 'What are you going to play?')
    (JP: 'Down Down by Status Quo?')
    (GC laughs.')
  • Tudor Oak
  • The Shining Path
  • Trying To Make Impermanent Things Permanent
  • Thinking About Thinking About Thinking
  • How To Be A Genuine Fake
(GC: 'Are you going back to Peel Mansions (sic) now?')
(JP: 'In about twenty minutes.')
(GC: 'Are you looking forward to that?')
(JP: 'Very much indeed. Not been home for three days. Not a city boy. You could go on doing this all night, couldn't you?')
(GC: 'Good night.')
(JP: 'Good night. Future Sound of London, live from their own studio. Extraordinary. What is it? Is it a session? I don't know, but wonderful and well worth doing again at some stage. I was wrong in one sense, in that in ten, fifteen years' time, people won't be making records at all: they'll be doing something like that.')

13 May 1997 01:47:42-02:37:11

14 May 1997 02:37:11-03:28:52

15 May 1997 03:28:52-03:56:44

20 May 1997 03:56:44 on


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