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Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits were an English pop group formed by Liz Kershaw (sister of Andy Kershaw), Carol Vorderman (TV presenter) and Lindsay Forrest in 1984. Influenced by the sounds of the Andrews Sisters and The Chordettes, the band signed a deal with Stiff Records in 1985 due to the part of Andy Kershaw. The group only released three singles, two under Stiff Records and the third with the Magnet label throughout their career. The trio disbanded in 1987 with Liz pursuing a BBC Radio One and Six career, Carol Vorderman continuing her TV presenting with Countdown until 2008 and Lindsay Forrest going into obscurity.

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Andy Kershaw's close friendship with Peel influenced him to invite Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits to do a session (only Liz Kershaw, her brother Andy and backing musicians were present without Carol Vorderman and Lindsay Forrest) for his show in 1985, where Andy whistled on the Lonely Lips session track.

In an article with the Daily Mirror, published in 2014, Liz described Peel as a real DJ mate:

"I made a few real DJ mates like John Peel, Johnnie Walker, Nicky Campbell and Bruno Brookes (as opposed to “great mates” – DJ speak for a “friend” just waiting for you to take a holiday so they can grab your slot!)" [1]



DAWN CHORUS & THE BLUE TITS John Peel 24th February 1985

1. Recorded: 1985-02-24. Broadcast: 04 March 1985. Repeated: 20 March 1985, Peel March 1985

  • Teenage Kicks / Photographs / Lonely Lips / That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine

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