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Debbie Harry (b.1945, real name Angela Tremble, aka Deborah Harry) is an American singer, songwriter and actress famous as lead singer of the group Blondie. Harry also pursued a successful solo career after Blondie's demise (her debut solo album KooKoo reached no.6 in the UK in 1981) although returned to the group in the late 1990's when they reformed. She has since again returned to solo and other musical projects. (read more on wikipedia)

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Aside from her involvment with Blondie, Peel and Debbie Harry's paths crossed on other occasions including appearing together on one edition of Round Table hosted by Kid Jensen in 1978 and in a rapid "interview" on Top of the Pops in 1982. As a prominent and often outspoken figure in the late 70s music scene Harry also took part in the Omnibus special The Record Machine, presented by Peel. As a DJ, however, Peel does not appear to have played any of her solo music, although the mysterious "Madame X" who featured on the single 'Little GTO' with the New York Dolls is presumed to be Harry.

On 09 September 1980 Peel played the single 'Debbie Harrry' by Family Fodder [1], who also recorded a Blondie tribute album [2].



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