• XFM (Portugal)
  • 1993-12-??
  • Around 25 minutes of the show is missing.
  • Peel plays a track from Japanese band Guitar Wolf, who do a cover of Link Wray's Ace Of Spades, under the slightly different title of Ace Of Spade.


  • None


(JP: 'The best band in the world but you know that already')
(JP: 'And here's something you don't hear very often, at least I don't, a Zimbabwean football song')
(JP: 'Has there ever been a greater football record than that, it's Paul Mpofu and Zambuko from Zimbabwe and the track is called Fabisch and Fabisch is the name of the German who coached the Zimbabwean football team and they got closer to the world cup than England, Scotland or Wales or for matter Northern Ireland')
(JP: 'And after that, something more mellow, this is Submarine')
  • Submarine: Lips And Fingers (Album Version) (7") Ultimate
(JP: 'A new single from Headbutt. This is called The Shooting Party')
(JP: 'One of Britain's leading noise bands, coming in slightly from the cold. That is pop as they ever get anyway, Headbutt, a new 7" inch single from them which is called The Shooting Party and this is Rhythm Invention')
(JP: 'And that comes from an LP called Inventures and there is no such word in the English language as far as I know')
  • Ash: Jack Names The Planets (7") LaLaLand
(JP: 'From California, these are the Summer Hits and one of two tracks on the B-side, in what I take it to be their first single and I never seen or heard an earlier one, this is Moto Guzzi')


  • 1) John Peel's XFM - Sep - Dec 1993
  • 2) John Peel - Programa em exclusivo para a XFM (parte 2)
  • 1-2) 0:48:31 (from 0:13:37)
  • 1-2) Thanks to Luis Jeronimo for the recording.
  1. An Italian motorbike