The Decktician Logs are a series of five notebooks loaned to the Peel Mailing List that contain handwritten tracklistings of Peel shows from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The five volumes were collected by Rocker on behalf of the group and then forwarded to Ken Garner, who is currently scanning them and adding notes, further information and corrections in order to share the data. Tracklistings are being posted on this site as they become available. Please add additional release/label information on the appropriate pages if known.

Many thanks to Decktician, Ken and Rocker for filling in many of the large gaps in the records of Peel's shows in this era.

Vol 1

  • Top Gear listings from late September 1969 to the end of 1970. Ken has filled in gaps from the PasB scripts for missing shows and where Decktician's tracklistings are incomplete. See the year page calendars for links to individual shows.

Vol 2

  • (i) Radio Luxembourg tracklistings for six months from January 1972. Exact dates are unclear, but it is hoped to clarify the timeframe from record release dates.
  • (ii) BBC tracklistings covering the full run of Friday Night Is Boogie Night from Jan-Sept 1972 and Top Gear listings for the great majority of the same period.

Vol 3

Vol 4

Vol 5

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