Roger "Deke" Leonard (18 December 1944 – 31 January 2017) was a Welsh rock musician. From 1968 until 1972 he was a member of The Bystanders (which was renamed as Man). In 1973, he formed his own band Iceberg, which disbanded the same year. He went on to play with incarnations of both groups in later years. Leonard was also an author, raconteur and television panellist, commentator and narrator on several television and radio programmes including: Pub Rock Quiz, Rock Of Ages, Dragons Breath (a history of Welsh rock music), Tales Of The Road and Juke Box Heroes.

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Peel regularly played Leonard's music and the artist performed three sessions for his programmes in the 70's. Leonard's previous band Man got airplay by Peel and did three sessions for his show between 1972 and 1974. At the end of the 70's, Leonard's music rarely got played by Peel due to the popularity of punk and later new wave.


John Peel's Deke Leonard's Iceberg - Four Corners of Hell (Peel Session)

John Peel's Deke Leonard's Iceberg - Four Corners of Hell (Peel Session)

All sessions are available on Wireless CD, 2005, (Hux HUX064)

1. Recorded: 1973-05-14. Broadcast: 24 May 1973. Repeated: 14 June 1973

  • Hard Way To Live / Razor Blade And Rattle Snake / Jayhawk Special / Four Corners Of Hell

2. Recorded: 1973-11-26. Broadcast: 20 December 1973. Repeated: 10 January 1974

  • 7171 511 / In Search Of Sarah And 26 Horses / Daugher Of The Fireplace / Eddy Waring

3. Recorded: 1978-02-15. Broadcast: 27 February 1978. Repeated: 28 March 1978

  • Map Of India / Oh! / Big Hunk Of Love / Dirty Dirty Feelin'

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Deke Leonard Ten Thousand Takers

Deke Leonard Ten Thousand Takers


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