Delta 5 - mind your own business

Delta 5 - mind your own business

Mind Your Own Business

  • Late Seventies five piece Leeds band, who were contemporaries of Gang Of Four. They were unusual for the time, and indeed now, for having two bassists in their lineup which gave them a distinctive sound.
  • Peel was very enthusiastic about their debut single 'Mind Your Own Business', adding it on the night's show the day it arrived at the office (see 27 November 1979). The band were soon booked in for their debut session, which merited several repeat broadcasts. The group's double A sided second single was also heavily featured on the Peel show, although his preference was for the track 'You' which effectively became the second A side of the 7" when eventually issued.
  • Peel managed to see the band play live in July 1980 [1] and was greatly impressed with them.

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1. Delta 5 / Colour / Make Up / Anticipation / You

Two tracks ('Delta 5' and 'Make Up') are available on: Singles & Sessions 1979 - 81

2. Triangle / Journey / Try / Leaving

'Triangle' is available on: Singles & Sessions 1979 - 81

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