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Jonathan Saul Kane (born 1969) is an English DJ, musician who has released recorded material since 1989 as Depth Charge and The Octagon Man, amongst other noms de disc. He is also the owner of the record labels DC Recordings and Electron Industries.

He is well known for his pioneering use of samples, particularly from cult films in the martial arts, spaghetti western and pornographic genres. He has also made tracks celebrating his favourite football team (Brazil on the 1990 single "Goal") and player (on the 1998 single "Romário"). Kane is often credited for inventing "trip hop" and "big beat"; he used kung-fu film samples before Wu-Tang Clan. His other aliases include Alexander's Dark Band, T.E.T and Grimm Death.

As a confirmed kung-fu movie fan, Kane was involved in setting up the company Made in Hong Kong, which licensed Chinese movies, particularly those made by the Shaw Brothers. Many of these movies are examples of the heroic bloodshed genre (The Killer, A Moment of Romance). Made in Hong Kong was the first company to release Stephen Chow films on VHS in the UK.

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Peel played much of Kane's tracks in the late 80's and early/mid 90's, including a session in 1991, but by 00's and beyond, JP seemed to have lost interest in his new material.


1. Recorded: 1991-01-27. Broadcast: 23 February 1991. Repeated: 27 April 1991

  • Depth Charge Us Silver Fox / War Is Not Good / Under The Electrical Storm / Laughing At Strangers Wearing Funny Shorts

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Depth Charge
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The Octagon Man - Free-er Than Free

Octagon Man
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Grimm Death
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Mr. Selfish - Mr. Selfish (12" Version)

Mr. Selfish

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