Dimensión Costeña is a Nicaraguan group that came together in the Caribbean coast of the country in Bluefields, Nicaragua during the 1970's. The band consists of eight members, all of whom are from the coast area. The main band member is called Luis Cassells, who dubs himself as the "Director Artistico" or the Artistic Director.

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Peel played a few tracks from the group in the 80's, whose music had a caribbean influence on the Latino band.

Shows Played

Dimension Costeña Soap on the Table

Dimension Costeña Soap on the Table

  • 20 September 1982: Soup On The Table (LP - Palo De Mayo) Discoteca Juvenil
  • 22 September 1982: Lanch Ton Ova (LP - Palo de Mayo) Discoteca Juvenil (JP: 'Well if that's what the kind of thing the ministry of culture in Nicaragua can do (said it in a sarcastic way), then more power to them. We should have one here.')
  • 07 May 1985: Blufields Jaming (LP - De Que Suda, Suda!) Chilamate
  • 15 May 1985: Cole Cole (LP - De Que Suda, Suda!) Chilamate

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