• Dr. Excitement Plays Dub
  • 1990-1995
  • A cassette compilation from the collection of Peel Group member mr_maudlin, recorded from the BBC Radio 1 John Peel and Andy Kershaw shows but with no DJ links. The show was recorded on Hi-Fi VHS from a good FM signal then edited to cassette.
  • I've written on the inlay card that these were recorded from the Peel and Kershaw shows but I haven't noted which tracks were from which show. But I did note Police & Thieves was recorded from Mark Radcliffe's show.
  • The inlay card has the edit dates as: tracks 1 8Sep90; 2 15Oct90; 3 14Nov90; 4 19Jan91; 5 15Mar91; 6-7 7Apr91; 8-9 2Nov91; 10 3Dec91; 11 22Mar92; 12 16Apr92; 13 10May92; 14 26Dec92; 15 27Dec92; 16 28Mar93; 17 9Apr93; 18 30Sep93; 19 30Jan94; 20 30Mar94; 21 11Jan95; 22 27Jan95; 23-25 7Mar95; 26 28Mar95. The edits were usually done a few days after broadcast, but sometimes up to a couple of weeks later.
  • The title of the tape comes from Andy Kershaw's jokey name for Peel, coined I think after John got the first of his honorary doctorates. The tape was 4 1/2 years in making! At the time I collected different genres on separate tapes and I was obviously picky about the reggae that got included.
  • It's another one of my favourite tapes. The sound quality is excellent. Highlights are Lee Perry's original 'Kimble", and also his 'You're Crummy' followed by Sir Gibbs 'People Grudgeful' (I seem to remember Peel saying these were linked - one was an answer song to the other). And great tracks from King Tubby, Yabby U, The Revolutionaries and Augustus Pablo.
  • I've listed the artists and tracks as they were written down at the time on the inlay card. Anything in italics I've added while researching the wiki.
  • TDK AD-X90



  • C159 Dr Excitement Plays Dub
  • 1:32:32