The Edmund Fitzgerald

The Edmund Fitzgerald were a group from Oxford, UK. Their line-up consisted of Yannis Philippakis on lead guitar and vocals, Lina Simon on rhythm guitar, and Jack Bevan on drums. After the group disbanded in 2005, Philippakis and Bevan went on to join successful indie rock band Foals[1]. Simon continues to produce solo material[2].

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Peel played an obscure early demo by the band in March 2004, and their debut single 'Horses' (split with Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies) on at least two occasions during the summer of the same year. Regarding the demo he remarked, "The title of the track I can't possibly tell you. It's a long and immensely complicated formula, which is why I describe them as being smart alecs". The group's music was in fact classified as 'math rock', largely based on complex time signatures and rhythms considered "mathematical" in character.


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The Edmund Fitzgerald - Horses

The Edmund Fitzgerald - Horses

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