Eesti Lood

Eesti Lood (Estonian Stories) is an Estonian TV documentary series, broadcast in Estonia since 2003. The series focuses on people and topical issues in contemporary Estonian society. The documentaries have a relatively low budget and the film production is funded by the Estonian National Broadcasting (ERR), the Estonian Film Foundation and the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

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Peel made an appearance in Eesti Lood, where he was filmed in Peel Acres talking about the Estonian band Röövel Ööbik. He recalled the filming during his 19 March 2003 programme after talking about the band staying at his home when they finished their only session at Maida Vale:

John Peel's Eesti Lood

John Peel's Eesti Lood

"They stayed in our house for a while after they'd done the session and whenever they wanted to have a cigarette - because we don't smoke - they went and sat on the patch of grass on the other side of the road. They spent so much time out there that I went out one afternoon, being a romantic kind of chap, and I said, 'henceforth this part of the grass verge will be known as Estonia. You can come back and reclaim it as Estonian territory at any time you like.' They actually made a sign up that said 'Welcome to Estonia'. Apparently this has passed into folk song and legend back home in Estonia and a film crew, two lads, came over from Estonia last weekend just to film this piece of grass that was known as Estonia. [They] Came over from Tallin, caught the plane to Heathrow or somewhere, came up to our house, took a film of the piece of land that's called Estonia and went back. I thought that was fairly extraordinary."
Peel mentioned on the same show that the film production team behind Eesti Lood gave him a copy of Una Bomba's album, which he played on the programme. Una Bomba were an Estonian band formed by most members who were in Röövel Ööbik.

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