Derek William "Eggy" Ley (born November 4, 1928 in London, UK - December 20, 1995 in Delta, British Columbia) was a British jazz musician ( soprano and alto saxophone, vocals ) and radio producer. He is one of the first British soprano saxophonists in jazz. Ley first played drums and boogie-woogie piano. During his military service in the Royal Air Force he discovered the soprano saxophone. He played with Mick Colliers Chicago Rhythm Kings (1952), with Eric Silk (1953) and with Stan Sowden (1955). He then founded his own Trad-Jazz band, which in August 1955 received a longer guest performance at the New Orleans Bar in Hamburg. Until 1962 he remained with his band in different places in Germany and Scandinavia and played several records, including with Benny Waters, for different labels, of which the Blues for St. Pauli in Germany became a hit.

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After Eggy's jazz career was over, he got into radio producing, first being a producer for Radio Luxembourg in the 60's, which Peel worked for in the early 70's and then into BFBS in Germany, where he produced Peel's shows between 1972 and 1983.

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