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FSK - I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch

'! Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch' (session version), #33 in the 1986 Festive Fifty, with intro and closing comments by Peel.

FSK (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (German meaning "voluntary self control") are a German band formed in Munich, Germany in 1980 who were involved in the underground part of the German new wave scene of the early 1980s. The band name is a reference to the German motion picture rating organisation Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft, which uses the same acronym. Their records were released on the legendary Zickzack label owned by punk guru Alfred Hilsberg. Later in the decade, they became favourites of British radio guru John Peel, and were themselves strongly influenced by the independent British music scene of the 1980s ... (read more at Wikipedia)

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  • (Peel sleevenotes for "Continental Breakfast" LP, 1987): "Thomas Meinecke and Michaela Melian once explained FSK's philosophy to me over a bottle of wine. Something to do with all of pop music having been already written and performed, leaving deconstruction and reconstruction as the only course forward. Not sure that I've got that absolutely right, but the results that you can hear are most entertaining..." [1]
  • Thomas Meinecke of FSK explains the band's personal ties with Peel, among other things, in this 2011 video interview.
  • On 09 October 1992, the DJ noted that FSK had done the most sessions for his show of any non-UK band.
  • FSK played at the 1998 Meltdown featival curated by Peel.
  • In later years, Peel played the band's version of "My Funny Valentine" on-air on a near-annual basis around February 14 as a dedication to wife Sheila.

Festive Fifty Entries


Six sessions, including #3 featuring Beatles covers. Releases include Double Peel Sessions and Last Orders (The John Peel Session). A further session, noted in Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions, was recorded on 2004-11-10, after Peel's death, and broadcast 07 December 2004 (Rob Da Bank).

1. Recorded: 1985-08-04. First broadcast: 06 August 1985. Repeated: 28 August 1985, 17 December 1985

  • A Swingin' Safari / Lieber Ein Glas Zuviel / Drunk / Trink Wie Ein Tier

2. Recorded: 1986-08-03. First broadcast: 13 August 1986. Repeated: 01 September 1986, 15 October 1986, 24 November 1986, 23 December 1986, 23 February 1988

  • Am Tafelberg Von Kapstadt / I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch / Die Musik Findet Immer Nach Haus / Dr. Arnold Fanck

3. Recorded: 1987-06-21. First broadcast: 24 June 1987. Repeated: 14 July 1987, 12 August 1987

  • Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand / Girl / Birthday / Don't Pass Me By

4. Recorded: 1988-04-10. First broadcast: 19 April 1988. Repeated: 16 May 1988

  • In Lauterbach / Stalinbart Jodler / Die Englishchen Frauleins / Cannonball Yodel

5. Recorded: 1991-12-03. First broadcast: 19 January 1992. Repeated: 15 May 1992

  • Black Market / Ohne Kapitalisten Geht Es Besser / Horsti Schmandhoff / Ostblockgirl '91

6. Recorded: 1992-10-08. First broadcast: 10 October 1992. Repeated: 27 February 1993

  • Under The Double Eagle / Franz Josef Strauss / Shiner Song / Hobo Zwiefacher

Other Shows Played

(The list below was compiled only from the database of this site and Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive. Please add further information if known.)

  • 15 January 1986: Drunk (12" - Last Orders (The John Peel Session)) Zickzack
  • 23 January 1986 (BFBS): A Swingin' Safari (12"-Last Orders (The John Peel Session)) Zickzack Peel 027 (BFBS)
  • 30 January 1986 (BFBS): Lieber Ein Glas Zuviel (Rather A Glass Too Much) (12"-Last Orders (The John Peel Session)) Zickzack Peel 028 (BFBS)
  • 30 January 1986 (BFBS): 'Trink Wie Ein Tier (Drink Like An Animal) (Rather A Glass Too Much) (12"-Last Orders (The John Peel Session)) Zickzack Peel 028 (BFBS)
  • 18 February 1986: Trink Wie Ein Tier (12" - Last Orders (The John Peel Session)) Zickzack
  • 04 March 1986: My Funny Valentine (LP - Ça C'Est Le Blues) Zickzack
  • 12 March 1986: Faire Le Chicken (LP - Ça C'Est Le Blues) Zickzack
  • 13 March 1986 (BFBS) (Peel 031 (BFBS)): Faire Le Chicken (LP-Ça C'Est Le Blues) Zickzack ((JP: "A well-nigh irresistible invitation there....from their LP of a couple of years ago, which I understand was voted at the time number 1 German independent LP of the time. Whether this made them any money or not, I'm not quite sure, but a band who recorded a wonderful session for my domestic programmes, and would be very welcome to record another one whenever they wish to do so, should they be listening, which is unlikely.")
  • 02 April 1986: Bokassa In San Francisco (LP - Ça C'Est Le Blues) Zickzack
  • 03 December 1986: Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball (LP - Goes Underground) Zickzack
  • 23 December 1986: I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch' (Peel Session) FF#33 (JP: "Another one that would have been in my top ten...my favourite, I think, of all of the session tracks we've had in 1986...even our technical men like that.")
  • 15 February 1992: My Funny Valentine (LP - Ca C'Est Le Blues) Zickzac (played as a belated Valentine's Day present for the Pig)
  • 09 October 1992: 'I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch (LP-Double Peel Sessions)' (Strange Fruit) (JP: "FSK....in session tomorrow night - something like their fifth or sixth session for the programme certainly they have done more than any other non-British band, and I am looking forward to hear their new stuff. It sounds highly entertaining. And of course these shows have had heightened Euro consciousness since they first started.")
  • 01 May 1993: Das Habe Ich Falsch Gemacht (Compilation CD-Love is My Only Crime) Veracity
  • 08 May 1993 (BFBS): Das Habe Ich Falsch Gemacht (Compilation CD-Love is My Only Crime) Veracity
  • 22 May 1993: Das Hab Ich Falsch Gemacht (Various Artists CD - Love Is My Only Crime) Veracity Musik
  • 01 October 1993: Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? (LP – Continental Breakfast) Ediesta
  • 22 October 1993 (BFBS): Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball (album - Goes Underground) Zickzack
  • 29 July 1995 (BFBS): Jodler Für Sonny Sharrock (2xCD-F.S.K. Bei Alfred - 44 Exitos Populares 1980-1989) Zickzack
  • 29 July 1995 (BFBS): Liebe Tut Weh (2xCD-F.S.K. Bei Alfred - 44 Exitos Populares 1980-1989) Zickzack
  • 14 February 2002: My Funny Valentine (LP- Bei Alfred) Zick Zack (JP before track: "There's only one record really with which I could I end tonight's programme and... no sentimental dedications because I shall start weeping. This inevitably is FSK.")
  • 13 February 2003: My Funny Valentine (LP - Continental Breakfast) Ediesta (Valentine dedication for Pig)

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