(This page is about the German radio station. For the German band of the same name, see FSK).
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Free Station Kombinat (FSK) is a radio station broadcast in Hamburg, Germany currently being broadcast terrestrially and digitally from the Hamburger Fernsehturm on the VHF frequency 93.0 MHz operated with 50 watts and analogue to 101.4 MHz (in Itzehoe, Norderstedt and Henstedt-Ulzburg to 105.7 MHz). The transmission area covers the urban area of Hamburg (technical range 1.680.000 listeners) and the station is a member of the Federal Association of Free Radios (BFR) and the AMARC (Association Mondiale des Radios Communautaires).

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Peel contributed monthly shows to the station by sending them DAT tapes from the mid 90's until his death in 2004. He also visited the station and took part in an interview there when he visited Hamburg and also spoke to the German band with the same initials FSK meaning Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle, whilst in the country; which were both shown on Travels With My Camera: Autobahn Blues, recorded in 1995, but broadcast on Channel 4 in 1996.



Peel's DAT tapes that were sent to FSK

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