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  • 2002
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  • FabricLive.07 is a DJ mix compilation album by John Peel, released in December 2002 as part of the FabricLive mix series. The London nightclub Fabric put out monthly compilation albums mixed by popular DJs, with two series in alternate months, entitled fabric and FabricLive, from Nov 2001 to Nov 2018. Peel made his first appearance at the club on 1 Feb 2002.
  • Peel: "This CD isn't supposed to be mood-establishing. If anything, it's mood-demolishing. These are some of my favourite songs... there's a real risk I'll listen to nothing else ever again."[1]
  • The album featured a typically eclectic collection of live set regulars from Peel, similar to his playlist at the Sonar festival on 21 June 2001.
  • Distinctive elements of the genre-hopping lineup include football radio commentary of notable Liverpool goals he had witnessed in person, played over Asa-Chang & Junray and Joy Division, respectively, as well the Kop Choir version of Anfield anthem You'll Never Walk Alone, alongside quirky cover versions, electronic dance tracks, old-school floor-fillers, jungle and emerging rock talent, plus a smattering of vintage Peel show classics, from the The Fall and Undertones, among others.
  • Tracks that failed to appear on the album due to clearance issues included songs from the Ramones, Pepe Kalle and Cutty Ranks.[2]


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